We aim to update this information each week by the time referee appointments are released (usually Thursday morning and then again updated Friday afternoon or Saturday morning).

All Finals Series games should be covered with 3 officials (referee and 2 assistant referees)

The following fees will need to be paid to referees and assistant referees in 2017 for local district games only.

Referees can only be paid cash-on-the-day from each team competing in the game.

Please note that other competitions such as State Cup, Premier Youth League, Womens State League etc have different rates to the local district games.

For more information on referees fee and payments, please call our treasurer, Peter Avey, on 0409 392 001.

The amounts below is what referees and assistant referees will collect from each team on the day, before the start of the game.

Grade/Division Referee Fee Assistant Referee Fee
Under 10 $15.00 $5.00
Under 11 $15.00 $5.00
Under 12 $20.00 $10.00
Under 13 $20.00 $10.00
Under 14 $20.00 $10.00
Under 15 $25.00 $15.00
Under 16 $25.00 $15.00
Under 17 $30.00 $15.00
Under 18 $30.00 $15.00
Under 21/WIL $35.00 $17.00
All Age $35.00 $17.00
Over 35’s $35.00 $17.00
Over 45’s $35.00 $17.00
BBC/GMT $40.00 $20.00
Junior Girls As per age As per age

In the case where a team does not show up for a game, and the game is forfeited, the opposing team is not required to pay the referees in attendance.

Where possible, Referees shall be appointed to all fixtures of the CDSFA’s competitions.

Non Attendance of Match Officials

Where there is no referee in attendance at a match, both teams must agree on one person to referee the entire match.

Once a person is appointed as a substitute referee he/she has all the rights, powers and responsibilities of an official referee, (including the right to issue yellow cards (cautions) and red cards (send-off) to players and officials of the teams involved in the match) and shall be accorded the same respect by the teams as would an official referee.

A  person  appointed  as  a  substitute  referee  under  this  rule  shall complete  the  match  sheet  details including any necessary incident report in the same manner as would an official referee.

Where there is no assistant referee in attendance at a match, each Club should supply a person to act as an assistant referee for the entire match.

When any two teams are unable to decide on a suitable substitute referee they shall…

  1. Not proceed to play the match without a referee
  2. Complete the match sheet details, recording on the sheet that the match was not played due to there being no suitable person to referee
  3. Return the match sheet as for a normal completed match, and within 48 hours of the match’s originally scheduled time, forward to their Club’s Secretary an explanation detailing why an agreement could not be made

The CDSFA Fixtures Committee shall meet within 14 calendar days following when the match should have been played and, based on the information before it, decide the outcome of the match.

The match may be rescheduled or another outcome determined for that match at the sole discretion of the CDSFA’s Fixtures Committee.  The Clubs whose teams are involved will have no right of appeal against the Fixtures Committee decision in the matter.

Please refer to the CDSFA’s “Rules of Association” for a complete outline

Junior referees (i.e Under 18) are NOT permitted to referee a senior game without being officially appointed by the CRA appointments board.

A Junior Referee is permitted to run the line in a senior game, as an Assistant Referee, ONLY!

There are no exceptions to this rule.

If a junior referee is not appointed to referee a senior game, THEY WILL NOT REFEREE THE GAME!

Coaches, Managers and Club Officials are NOT to pressure any Junior Referee, or try to talk them into officiating a senior game.

Under the Lightning and Thunder Policy issued by Football NSW, if a referee calls off a game because of lightning and thunder – the game is immediately CALLED OFF and ended.

This is NOT NEGOTIABLE with any Coach, Manager or Official of any team or club.

A referee, whether they are official or volunteer, is classed as an official referee while in the capacity of refereeing a match. Referees have the right to “Send off”, “Caution” and “Call off” players/games at any time, whilst they are in charge of a game

CLICK HERE for a copy of the FNSW Lightning and Thunder Policy