Becoming a CRA Football Referee in 2023

There are plenty of great reasons for becoming a football referee. You actively participate in the sport, you help raise the standard of football, you develop a network of close friends, you develop your management and communication skills and it is a great way of earning tax free pocket money.

Referees are an integral part of Football. The first steps to becoming a referee at the World Cup starts at the local level. The qualifications in becoming a football referee are:

– Be a minimum of 13 years old,
– Have a passion for Football.

It’s that easy!

The Canterbury Referees Association (CRA) are actively seeking new referees to join our community. People of all experience and fitness levels are accepted. If you would like to be part of this exciting culture, please complete the following steps. For FAQ’s on becoming a new referee with the CRA, click HERE.

Step 1 – Level 4 Referee Course

Register and attend your Level 4 Referee Course. This is an FFA accredited course, run by the CRA. This involves a full day referee course involving practical interpretation and demonstration of the Laws of the Game.

Please Note: Participants need only register for one (1) course. You must be available for the duration of the day.

Upcoming Level 4 Courses

– Saturday, 4 February 2023 – Face-to-face conducted by Canterbury Referees Association – Open

– Sunday, 12 February 2023 – Face-to-face conducted by Canterbury Referees Association – Open

– Saturday, 18 February 2023 – Face-to-face conducted by Canterbury Referees Association – Open

– Sunday, 26 February 2023 – Face-to-face conducted by Canterbury Referees Association – Open

– Saturday, 4 March 2023 – Face-to-face conducted by Canterbury Referees Association – Open

– Sunday, 12 March 2023 – Face-to-face conducted by Canterbury Referees Association – Open

If you are interested in doing a Level 4 Course please register your interest with the Registrar, Rodrigo Martins via email at

Step 2 – Complete the Laws of the Game Certificate

This is a free online course which is provided by Football Australia (FA). This course contains and exam component which is required to be completed prior to attending the Level 4 course in Step 1. Once completing the exam, you will sent a certificate to be printed and brought to the Level 4 course. The online exam and certificate can be found at the below link:

Laws of the Game Certificate:

The online course involves an examination of your understanding of the Laws of the Game. You only get one attempt at the examination, so take your time studying the Laws.

Please ensure that the details of the applicant referee (and not a parent or guardian) have been entered into the online Laws of the Game otherwise the certificate will not print out your name.

If you fail the examination, do not panic! Please contact our Registrar to discuss alternative solutions.

Step 3 – Register as a Member on Dribl

Once you have registered for a Level 4 Course, you are then required to register on Dribl. Dribl is the new registration portal for all stakeholders participating in the game – click here.

If you are experiencing an issue with your registration please contact the Registrar, Rodrigo Martins via email at

Step 4 – Working With Children Check (WWCC) Number Requirement

Football NSW requires that ALL REFEREES OVER 18 YEARS OF AGE obtain a PAID Working With Children Check (WWCC).

If you plan on becoming a referee with CRA, and are over the age of 18, you will need to provide CRA with a paid WWCC. Without a WWCC, CRA will not be able to accept your registration, which means you will not be able to referee.

The paid WWCC costs $80.00. CRA recommends that you obtain the WWCC well in advance of attending a course, so that you can referee sooner. For information as to how you can obtain a paid WWCC, view CRA’s guide by Clicking Here.

Please Note: The paid WWCC number lasts for 5 years from payment and must be renewed thereafter.

If you are still unsure or have any queries you would like clarified, please contact our Registrar, Rodrigo Martins via email at

What do I need to bring on the day of the course?

It is recommended participants bring:

– Comfortable shoes, a hat and running attire (whilst we won’t be running, there will be components of the course which we will do outdoors)

– Water and snacks to keep you focused

– Writing Material (pens or pencils)

– A positive attitude

Will the face-to-face courses be COVID-safe?

To ensure adequate social distancing, the capacities for each course has been reduced. Participants will be required to complete a COVID-safe check-in and hand sanitiser will be available throughout the day. The wearing of a mask may be required and components of the course will be undertaken outdoors (weather permitting).

Can I attend an online course offered by FNSW and become a referee with the CRA?

Yes. In 2023, Football NSW will be running a series of FA Accredited Level 4 Courses. These courses will be run via Zoom and participants will be required to pay the $100 fee to FNSW for their attendance. This fee covers the course registration fee that is charged in Canterbury to participants during the registration process through Play Football.

Following successful completion of the online course, participants are welcome to register with the Canterbury Referees Association by contacting; please note we will waive the $100 course fee for attending the online course via FNSW.


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