Match Officials and their Parents are not to contact CRA directly to find out if a field is open or closed, please refer to Council Wet Weather Hotlines or check the news feed which appears on the CDSFA Website.

Council wet weather hotlines can be found on our “Field Locations” page.

Ground closures are inevitable during the course of any season due to wet weather or any other number of reasons.  These closures are completely out of the direct control of the Association and is generally determined by Councils.

Clubs will notify the CDSFA of any ground closures as soon as they are contacted by Councils.

The CDSFA will then publish all ground closures on their website which can be accessed by all.  If enough notice is given they will also send out notifications to the CRA.

IMPORTANT:  A ground is ONLY deemed as being officially closed when it has been published in the news feed of the CDFSA’s website, even if Council wet weather hotlines and club information have contradicting information.  If in doubt, please double check the CRA Secretary.